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What local publications are saying about The Woodworks...​

Java Magazine: The Woodworks LASER.MOUTH.EXPLOSIONS
September 2017 Issue By Mitchell  L. Hilman


It boggles the mind that The Woodworks have been storming local recordings for five years now. During that time they’ve gone from fringe curiosities to one of my local favorites. Even if they’d never recorded a single album, I would be checking into their live shows, which are always eventful rock ’n’ roll experiences...

Java Magazine: The Woodworks Unhealthy Decisions
May 2015 Issue (Pg 32-33) By Mitchell  L. Hilman


Admittedly, I got to The Woodworks' show about two years too late, but by the time last year's Safe Mode came out, I kind of felt right on time. Sure, I had missed the release of Fregoli Delusions of 2012 but in the years since then, I have watched the band progress and grow beyond what I could have imagined. Their new album, Unhealthy Decisions is their most fully realized project yet, and it serves as their statement of caoalescence-not only as a band, but as a force in the local scene....

Java Magazine: Woodworks Safe Mode
March 2014 Issue (Pg 32-33) By Mitchell  L. Hilman


I am super late to the party with The Woodworks. At their shows, I always stand in awe of their prowess, dazed by the sound and volume - amazing with only three members - but somehow just tuck it away until the next show when I am stunned again........